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Custom Headpieces

Headpieces can be made with or without horns. All horns can be made in custom shapes and colors. 

Custom Witch Hats

Witch hats are available in multiple styles

Hats are available in all fabric patterns and with any amount of details.

Custom Clothing

Clothing items include capes, dresses, skirts, rompers, pants and jackets. 

Jewelry enchanted with mental health magic.

Self Love, Anti-Anxiety, Confidence


AJ made me the most amazing lolita inspired bat dress! I love that he is excited to work with people of all body types and goes out of his way to make sure all measurements are correct and keeps you up to date on everything he does. Working with AJ is always is a dream and I am so in love with my dress!

Aer La Prad

This is a wonderful purchase! PocketBean is a great vender, who puts great care into all of his products. 10/10, would purchase from again

Lea Nolette

The spells were absolutely perfect! I feel a lot better/safer when I travel now! <3 I have one spell hanging in my car, and I wear another one on me everyday. He kept in touch and gave me frequent updates. I love these so so much! Thank you thank you thank you!!! <3 <3 <3


The unique personal touches that come with everything PocketBean ever makes always bring me a little spot of joy when I get to open the package, Absolutely wonderful as always

J Leibrandt

Perfect & Wonderful! I'm so happy, owner was amazing & helpful also sweet! Thank you!!!

Natalee Nounna-Monk

I've never been a big believer in magic but I put my faith in this necklace and it seems to return it, but I think that's how magic works? the more faith you have the bigger the effect. Anyways I really love this necklace and theres an obvious amount of care in everything pocketbean does


Beautiful pendents and powerful sigils. Came with a handwritten note and you can tell how much energy went into the creation of these products


I would recommend this seller to anyone! I love my commissioned hat and was kept up to date throughout the entire process!


Everything arrived safe and sound! I'm beyond thrilled! Everything looks fantastic and beautiful! Thank you again!

Carolyn Haese